AMARush Recap: Vending Machines NFT

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For this AMA, we’re proud to have Vending Machines NFT as our guest.

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. @Azamega85 from Vending Machines NFT.

AMARush Recap: Vending Machines NFT

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining us!

Avaxholic: Are you ready to start? 🤩

- aZameGa -, [1/22/2022 8:02 PM]

Yes I am! :) LG 🚀

Avaxholic: Awesome 😆😆

Before we jump to the main sections, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Vending Machine NFT team?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Yes

Project owner Aza, tech enthusiast and business owner. Started project VMN to establish community and business entity on the blockchain. Our team currently consists of Cosmos, Stroinker, Kriptopher and eXshot and our dev department is led by petdomaa100. A really unique NFT project to form a great community and develop projects together.

Also, i used to own Vending machines business and it was a nice source of side income for me

And we are planning to implement same ideas on the blockchain. Franchise entity on the blockchain!

Avaxholic: Sound very interesting!

I can’t wait to learn more about Vending Machines NFT.

So are you ready to start 1st Question?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Yes I am!


1. Why Vending Machines NFT team choose Avalanche to launch your project?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Avalanche is a great starting point for new comers to crypto currency world. It’s low fees and FAST transactions ( fastest to finality ) makes it easier to get in. And by doing projects on Avalanche network we aim to be that bridge that connects new comers with Avalanche network.

It’s a new ecosystem, and we believe it’s a great opportunity for us as business to get in and establish ourselves

Avaxholic: Very nice, good news for Avalancher. I can’t wait to see thing coming in the future!

Now let move to second question.

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Indeed.


2. What are the benefits of Vending Machines NFT holders?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT:

Holders will start their return of investment as soon as they mint in 10% minter rewards. 10% from mint sales evenly spread to minted tokens.

Getting in early results in higher rewards. Next, holders will benefit from secondary market sales, as 1.5% of sales royalties is shared with holders. That’s a steady income as volume goes up on the marketplace.

Following this, holders will benefit by getting FREE NFTs done by this project leading up to the development of our metaverse.

And finally holders will further benefit from all the perks that are going to come from developing our own metaverse staring with owning a land in it!

We have set up this project as investment, so by gettin into this project you will join community that will do many projects together from funds gathered

Avaxholic: It’s great to own VMN NFT, VMN team has given a lot of benefits to its investors.

I wish i own more Vending Machines NFT to get more benefits

Aza | Vending Machines NFT:

Yes, that’s our intention, as we are about community, totally different and unique NFT project

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: We believe that collection NFTs should benefit its investors / holders. Therefore we have long term plans and goal to establish ourselves in this NFT space for long term.

Avaxholic: That was also our third question.

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: I’m so excited and passionate that I’m getting ahead of myself haha

Avaxholic: Yeah, and here is 3rd question for you

3. What features distinguish VMN from other nfts/metaverse projects?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: To start, most projects are offering a metaverse experience to their holders, and Vending Machines NFT is offering ownership to metaverse!

We intend to build together with communities input and we further plan to build on it for the purpose of doing busines on the digital world and generate dividends to holders.

We are also going to do NFT projects leading up to metaverse, and holders of VMN will always have it free.

Avaxholic: Sound like a DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) version in NFT/Metaverse project. I love it!

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Yes sir :) this blockchain technology really allows us to establish a very transparent organization and there are many possibilities that come with that.

We are excited and plan to take advantage of this to the fullest

Avaxholic: Very cool, and for the 4th Question, I heard Vending machines team did charity. right?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Yes, we have donated to buildOn $8000 already, and we will be donating more as we withdraw and continue with our plans. Me and our community strongly believe in giving back and helping others.

With this particular foundation, buildOn, it was possible to participate in the process. It was a cool idea to have our members to physically go there and be part of something amazing. Building schools is essential! So we decided to start there and we will do other kind of donations as well. With our next votes in community we will vote for which country to build it in. Guatemala, Nicaragua, Nepal and Senegal are our options.

Building schools with crypto is fun and noble endeavor that all our members are happy to be part of!

Avaxholic: I am very happy to hear that VMN has donated.

I hope you will choose Nepal. I love the people of that country.

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: :) nice choice! And noted ;)

Avaxholic: Last question for you today!!

5. Why did you purchase land in the Sandbox? How would you connect Vending Machines NFT with the metaverse?

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Yes, we wanted to get to work with funds already generated, besides doing our first part with donating we also started investing and bought land in Sandbox.

We are located close to snoop dogg and it’s a good sign. So mostly this was done as investment.

Further, we plan to develop on it and have

a) presence of VM community on this metaverse and

b) create connection with Sandbox and our future metaverse goals.

Possibilities are many and as community we will decide what’s best for us.

Avaxholic: I love the “ Snoop Dogg” part 🥰

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Once we develop our own metaverse on Avalanche, we see many opportunities with games, amusement parks and plazas for outsides to come in and enjoy their time and gain rewards for being part of it.

He is doing big things on Snoopverse ;)

Avaxholic: I can imagine that there will be alot of Vending Machines next to those places on your Metaverse!!

Aza | Vending Machines NFT:We intend to put Vending Machines On every corners of the Avalanche blockchain!

Avaxholic: Wow, such a huge plan

Okay, everything is very complete and detailed. We hope VMN team will thrive in the future

Wish you all the best 🚀🚀🚀

Thank you for spending time with us today :D

Aza | Vending Machines NFT: Thank you for audience for attending. Please join our discord for more info. And thank you Avaxholic staff for putting this together!

Take care good people!! 🙏❤️

Avaxholic: You can drop your discord link here.

Aza | Vending Machines NFT:





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