AMARush Recap: SnowCone

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers.

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: @snowmachine from SnowCone

AMARush Recap: SnowCone

Snow | SnowCone: Hi everyone 🍧

Avaxholic: Before we start, can you introduce a little bit about SnowCone and your team?

Snow | SnowCone: Sure, SnowCone was started as just an idea that has slowly evolved the past couple of months. I come from a community building/project development background. We also have another Co-Founder who works with me as the lead developer on snowcone.

SnowCone essentially aims to change the way people organize and manage their groups thanks to innovative blockchain technology found found on avalanche. Excited to share more details in this AMA

Avaxholic: Change the way people organize and manage groups? Sound interesting. I think that all people here are so ready for this AMA

And now it’s time to start the 1st question 🤗

1. As a pioneer of the DAO-as-a-Service landscape, what are SnowCone vision, missions, and goals?

Snow | SnowCone:
Sure I’ll make a quick list

- Provide groups with the tools necessary to manage their DAOs. Payrolls, analytics, and defi plug ins are some of the few features we will offer
- Create an operating system for DAOs to easily work with each other
- Give people templates of different DAO stacks or custom stacks they can choose from that fit their needs

Avaxholic: So clear and specific 😊

Now, we will go into the next questions so that people can learn more about the vision, missions, and goals you’ve said

2. What are the benefits for a creator to choose SnowCone to build a project rather than build a community on their own infrastructure?

Snow | SnowCone: So the kind of people who would use snowcone would vary. several types of DAOs have already been created on platforms like ours (ConsitutionDAO, SpiceDAO). SnowCone will give those with cool ideas but lack the existing resources or infrastructure to do it in their own. The kind of community that would use SnowCone is abundant in crypto now that more people are joining the space.

SnowCone would give you access to contract creation, delegations, token distributions, & much more

Avaxholic: Nice. Hope to see many Dao projects to be built on SnowCone.

And the 3rd question

3. Can you suggest some interesting ideas (that come to your mind right now) for projects built on SnowCone?

Snow | SnowCone: One thing we are working on first is allowing DAOs to take contributions for multiple crypto assets and allow them to swap those assets on Dexes like Trader Joe if the voting process allows it.

NFT passes or token gated discord’s are another way to ensure only DAO members participate & contribute to your organizations proposals

Avaxholic: yess, some interesting ideas you say are???

Snow | SnowCone:

- charity DAOs for helping those in need (natural disasters, clean water)
- Indie game developers
- coordinated efforts to buy historically significant items

Avaxholic: Yeah. Sound fantastic indeedEveryone here, you can take his examples into consideration

And the next question

4. How do you manage Sub-DAOs under SnowCone as the Main-Dao?

Snow | SnowCone: As mentioned before, something cool we are working on is a way for DAOs to work with each other. By creating Templates and standards organizations are able to manage incoming and outgoing orders, invoices, or job tasks. We are also working on something bigger besides that, which is creating an operating system for DAOs communicate with each other in ways that are currently not possible

People will have other ways to communicate with each other, right?
Hope that I can experience those methods

And the last question

5. Can you tell us a little bit about SnowCone’s upcoming events?

Snow | SnowCone: We are working on a couple now but are currently accepting people who are wanting to help us, please see this tweet for current open positions:

Avaxholic: Everyone, you can check more info there. I and all members here are looking forward to these events. Really want to see them soon 🍦

Snow | SnowCone: It’s been fun working on them so far

Avaxholic: 😍 I bet that things will be really fun. And that’s our first part. Thank you for spending time with us 😘 Wish all the best for you and SnowCone ❤️

Snow | SnowCone: No problem this was our first AMA so it’s been good to be here.


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