AMARush Recap: QuantumX Finance

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For the next AMA, we’re proud to have QuantumX Finance as our guest.

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. Isiah from QuantumX Finance

AMARush Recap: QuantumX Finance

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: Hello guys! Thanks for hosting AVAXholics!

Avaxholic: Hi Mr. Isiah. Before we start, can you introduce a bit about QuantumX Finance and your team?

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: Sure!

QuantumX Finance is in essence a lending platform.

The difference between QuantumX Finance and other lending protocols is that we only allow borrowing in the form of leveraged yield farming, an essential feature of the protocol I’ll talk about later. This feature will unlock more earning potential for user’s funds and thus is more capital efficient.

I think it is very important in any financial sector that 1. people can access a variety of forms of assets, 2. people’s funds are used efficiently. With the help of exceptional time to finality on Avalanche network I think our team could achieve these two key aspects of the game.

Our team is highly technical and full of people with deep backgrounds in various sectors of blockchain and finance. We have a full-time development team of several dozen engineers, as well as dozens more between design, business development, R&D, and marketing.

Every member of our main leadership team has years of experience in fields such as blockchain, FinTech, consumer tech, banking infrastructure, and traditional finance.

Isiah, CMO&CEO, Formerly Director of BD in Cathay Pacific, 4 years working in blockchain, HEC MBA

Tom, Head of Product, Responsible for Product planning and design including content and artwork, 4 years working in blockchain; co-founded a blockchain startup

Mason, Head of Engineering

Manages several dozen full-time engineers

Avaxholic: Such an experienced team. I think this is a big point to develop QuantumX

Nice to hear! We’re so ready to explore all these features that you’re talking about.

Let’s get to the 1st question

1. Leveraged yield farming is the main feature of QuantumX. Can you explain more about its mechanism?

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: When yield farming, you earn more crypto by loaning your assets to others via the blockchain; this is done through smart contracts. When the borrower returns the loan, they do so with a fee and interest in crypto, which is eventually distributed among the ‘farm.’

This is all fun and games on paper, but, in reality, there are many risks involved with yield farming (Such as impermanent loss). That is why the need for leveraged yield farming arose. These farms allow different currencies to be hedged in them, letting you borrow in a currency specific to your needs and more.

Leveraged yield farming is like bounty hunting but with a contingency; if you fail in catching the bounty, the sheriff will still pay you for your efforts. With crypto, it’s not that simple; but it’s also not as difficult as people make it to be, either.

Leveraged yield farming offers a relatively safer way to farm. It is the practice of using borrowed money for yield farming. It allows farmers to improve their yield farming position by borrowing external liquidity (money from liquidity pools) to increase their overall liquidity, resulting in a higher return volume.

Avaxholic: Wow that sounds amazing. Still, I think we will need to learn more how exactly leveraged yield farming solve the risks when yield farming.

So for the second question

2. It somehow seems risky for both the lenders and yield farmers. How do you address this problem and protect the users?

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: There are indeed a number of potential risks involved in using QuantumX Finance as lenders and yield farmers, namely bad debt, liquidation, and impermanent loss.

The most prominent one I think would be liquidation risk.

However, it is always the users own responsibility and discretion to decide whether such risk is worth the gain in certain conditions. So I would strongly suggest users take the time to learn the basics in leveraged yield farming before going in as the farmer, and once you have a open position, make sure to monitor them during volatile market conditions, and close them before hitting the liquidation parameters.

Avaxholic: So I would say the users should arm themselves with knowledge before using this mechanism right?

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: Exactly. In DeFi you never want to mess with your asset carelessly. Learning more is always better

Avaxholic: Couldn’t agree more!

Thanks for your explanation and reminder

Next question

3. How do you differ yourself from other competitors on Avalanche ecosystem? For example: Alpha Finance

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: The most compelling advantage we have would be higher leverage. QuantumX Finance offers up to 9x leverage which could potentially increase your APY by 9 fold, while Alpha Homora only offers up to 5x.

Another feature that differentiates us is our governance system that allows the community to make proposals towards the better of the protocol, and voting on different interest spread across the lending pools.

With this governance feature we take a step to being more decentralized and community governance.

Avaxholic: I see. As a crypto investor, I really like projects that care about and try to involve the community.

I think everyone here has got to know deeper about QuantumX Finance.

So next question is about your upcoming plan

4. In your plan, there will be NFT campaigns in Q2/2022. Can you share more about this? What are the use cases of these NFTs?

Mr. Isiah | QuantumX: First a little bit spoiler, the NFT will be a hand-drawn, limited edition NFT collection

In addition to being glorious profile pictures, these NFTs have other utilities such as:

- Presale allocation of future NFTs

- Unlock higher leverage when staked

- Access to exclusive Discords

- Exclusive physical merch from QuantumX Team (T-shirts, bags, home decor, etc.)

Avaxholic: Thanks for the sneak peek

Cool! We’re looking forward to your announcement.

5. Will you expand to other blockchains in the future?

Mr. Quicksilver| QuantumX: Sure. And It’s a good question.

Making QuantumX Finance a cross-chain platform will be a milestone but it won’t the only way out. Right now, the team want to focus on creating a great product on an already mature system.

Once we make sure we found product market fit on Avalanche, we will make mass adoptions of multi-chain happen. QuantumX Finance could see exponential growth by then with the help of an established community and product.

Avaxholic: Nice! We also hope to see QuantumX Finance grow exponentially with such vision.

Thank you and Mr. Isiah for spending time with us today

Do you want to share any last words to our community?

Mr. Quicksilver| QuantumX: Kudos to the Avaxholic team also! It’s been a pleasure to work with you guys.

Avaxholic: Great to hear that. Thank you :)

Wish your team and QuantumX Finance all the best

Mr. Quicksilver| QuantumX: Ok. Public attention is indeed a critical issue for a newly created Project like QuantumX.

For those interested, do not hesitate to join our channels for latest updates!

You too. Merry Xmas to all members in the chat. 🎄


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