AMArush Recap: The first guest

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. To kickstart this campaign, we’re proud to have Pangolin as our first guest.

“Avaxholic — together we BUIDL”. Besides updating news, we’re upgrading more about data analytics — real time data and research about projects to help investors always be confident when we invest in the Avalanche Ecosystem.

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AMArush Campaign: The first guest — Pangolin

Avaxholic: We’re proud to be one of the biggest Avalanche-Ecosystem Community. Our discussion group has around 5000 investors in Avalanche. We always update the latest news for investors in Avalanche projects. We want Avaxholic will be the biggest community for anyone who joins in Avalanche Ecosystem and everyone have the freedom of speech to discuss with everyone.

“Avaxholic — together we BUIDL”. Besides updating news, we’re upgrading more about data analytics — real-time data and research about projects to help investors always be confident when we invest in the Avalanche Ecosystem.

Our guest today is Leo from Pangolin. Can you tell us a little bit about you and Pangolin team?

Leo | Pangolin: Hey everyone, great to be here. Thanks for hosting me!

My name is Leo and I am on the core team of Pangolin. Our team also has Justin as our project manager, Brandon as our lead developer, Ozge as public relations manager, Abdullah as UX designer, and countless others that are helping push Pangolin forward. We all have been involved in the Avalanche DeFi Ecosystem prior to joining pangolin, and we really just love the ecosystem and want to help it grow.

Avaxholic: Nice, we have seen Leo at the beginning when Ecosystem is not growing like today. Really happy to see Leo leading the team and grow AvaxEcosystem.

Let’s move to the questions about Pangolin that everyone dropped in the docs form.

Avaxholic: 1. What’s the story behind Pangolin?

Leo | Pangolin: Good question. Pangolin was created by AvaLabs as a DEX to help promote liquidity on the c-chain and first launched in February 2021. One of the core creators was Connor Daly, who is still an advisor for Pangolin and is working as an engineer at AvaLabs. The vision was to have a fair token distribution through airdrops and farming. Also, the vision was to have its community-run, so the project was transitioned to an independent team at the end of May. This independent team is now responsible for building the road map, hiring, partnerships, daily operations, etc.

Avaxholic: Got you. Nice to hear it. Pangolin was developed by Avalabs so we can see the dev structure really well.

2. “Avalanche is a really important system for DeFi projects”. What do you think of the DeFi ecosystem on Avalanche?

What developments do you expect in the future?”

Leo | Pangolin: The DeFI ecosystem on Avalanche is amazing. There are such great teams building here with innovative ideas. The culture and community of users and projects is really great as well, there is not a lot of hostility and competition, but more cooperation between projects since everyone just wants to see Avalanche grow into a thriving ecosystem. The Avalanche Rush and new AB Bridge have been huge in creating growth, so kudos to the AvaLabs team for coordinating those massive efforts. Really exciting times in Avalanche DeFi right now.

As for future developments, I think that large players like Aave, Curve, and SushiSwap launching here along with countless other well-known projects that want to come to Avalanche, will bring even more users and liquidity. It will be great.

Avaxholic: Yes i know right. I can see a pretty picture happens for a long-term drive. I bet Avax Eco will grow faster and faster whenever big projects coming in.

3. Recently, TraderJoe has also had a strong rise in the ecosystem. What do you think about the differences between the two projects?

Leo | Pangolin: Trader Joe has been doing a great job building an innovative project, marketing and generating awareness for Avalanche, and building a strong culture and community. I used to work with their co-founder CryptoFish on a few other projects, he is a strong leader and visionary. Its really great to see another strong DEX on the network, I think it helps the ecosystem a lot and even helps Pangolin.

The difference between Pangolin and Trader Joe I think are the philosophy and the target users we try to appeal to. Pangolin was a cornerstone of Avalanche DeFi for a long time and still is, we have the responsibility of building safely and securely, and having the highest standards of safety and professionalism so that we can represent Avalanche in a good light and secure key partnerships. Trader Joe came in with the approach of wanting to appeal to the “degen” crowd with memes, quick feature releases, unique website design, and high APRs. Its been very effective for them and they have grown into an impressive project, and have even secured key VC funding recently. There is definitely room for both approaches and it's great that we can target all demographics now with these two DEX offerings on Avalanche.

Avaxholic: This is a really quality answer to the question. I think now we can know a lot more about those differences between them.

4. Congratulations Pangolin just received $2M from Avalanche Rush ! so What are your plans for this investment?

Leo | Pangolin: Thanks! We are so excited about that. Luigi, the director of DeFi at AvaLabs, and his team are doing such a great job with the Avalanche Rush program. It really is a key catalyst that will help grow Avalanche into the thriving ecosystem it deserves to be.

Pangolin’s plans are to use the $2M in AVAX received to find our single-sided PNG staking. Staking has been on our roadmap since we joined the project, with the biggest challenge being the funding. Thanks to Avalanche Rush, we can offer everyone's favorite reward token for our single-sided staking: AVAX!

Avaxholic: Nice, I really like your spending plan. It will help Pangolin’s users alot more.

5. What is your top priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Leo | Pangolin: Highest priority right now is to get staking live, which we are targeting for next week! Staking will be great because PNG holders will be able to earn safe yield without impermanent loss on their PNG. We are also hoping that some stakers in the AVAX-PNG pool will move over to single sided staking.

Other priorities currently are improving the UX experience for users, we recognize there were some pain points with swaps and farming, especially for new users. So we’ve hired a very good UX designer Abdullah who is making great progress in the UX.

And finally we are working to get listed on more major CEX (centralized exchanges). This is key for three reasons:

1) more liquidity support

2) availability to more investors

3) CHAINLINK PRICE FEEDS which will allow the PNG token to be used as collateral in lending protocols like BenQi! So exciting

Avaxholic: Nice. I really see PNG will go big in the future and the way Pangolin’s team grow it really professional and optimized for users. They’re top 5 questions from the docs. Hopefully everyone here today gonna have knowledge and more experience using Pangolin.

Thank you for your time today Leo !


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