AMARush Recap: MinerJoe

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. Bob and Joe from Miner Joe

AMARush Recap: MinerJoe

Joe | MinerJoe: I’m Joe

Avaxholic: Hello Joe, Welcome to Avaxholic

Joe | MinerJoe: Hey! Thanks for having us here! This is awesome and we’re so proud to be part of the AVAXholic community.

You guys are doing us all an honor by informing us about the entire Avalanche ecosystem on a daily basis.

Avaxholic: Yes sir, before start to dive into AMA, could you introduce a little bit about Miner Joe?

Joe | MinerJoe: Sure, and I did want to take a moment to say I appreciate all the questions we had come into twitter.

Avaxholic: Very happy to hear that 🥰

Joe | MinerJoe: I was only give 6 to respond to, but I am here after the 6 to answer any and all questions you guys might have… not just the softballs.

So a lot of you guys have heard of Chikn, right?

MinerJoe is a fork of the Chikn project.

It’s a play to earn game, with tri-token economics to offer a real value loop.

It all starts off with an NFT that mines gold… 1 gold per day at level 1.

As you level up your NFT, he’ll mine more gold :)

We’ll get into all the details during the question phase :)

Avaxholic: Very few projects have tri-tokens and we are honored to have you here today with us! We’ve DYOR and find Miner Joe’s mechanics is very interesting.

So without making everyone wait, let’s learn more about miner joe in the Q&A section

Joe | MinerJoe: I’m ready!

Avaxholic: The “0” Question from me

Joe | MinerJoe: fire away!

0. Would you mind introducing yourself, telling us about your background and the team working on MINER JOE?

Joe | MinerJoe: Sure! I’m Joe, the founder and project manager for MinerJoe. Joining me is Bob, our Community Manager.

Our core team consists of:

MinerSam, our full stack developer

and MinerJim, our contract and solidify expert, and software developer

Bob | MinerJoe: Hi Guys!

Joe | MinerJoe: Welcome to the show Bob

Avaxholic:Hi Bob, Welcome!

Bob | MinerJoe: Glad to be here 😁

Joe | MinerJoe: Bob, anything you wanted to add about our team?

Bob | MinerJoe: We also have several Discord and Telegram mods, graphic designers and other valuable resources working on our projects.

Joe | MinerJoe: I’ll also mention our community as part of our team… they spend a LOT of time giving us valuable feedback that we turn into features and changes with our project.

Avaxholic: Miner Joe has a great team and a very enthusiastic community! I hope Avaxholic’s community will be a part of Miner Joe

Joe | MinerJoe:

We hope so too, that’s why we are here :P

Avaxholic: I think this answer is perfect to me 🥰!

So let move to community questions!

1. Why did Miner Joe choose AVALANCHE?

Joe | MinerJoe: I think we chose Avalanche for two primary reasons.

The first being the transaction costs, which makes a game like MinerJoe economical to play.

The other reason was the Avalanche ecosystem and community.

Bob | MinerJoe: Joe always tells the story about why he created MinerJoe, share it with us Joe.

Joe | MinerJoe: I must sound like a broken record to our personal community that’s watching, but It all started with Chikn.

Joe | MinerJoe: I heard the concept from a friend, MinerJim, and I headed right to the site to mint.. Well, I was 2 months late.. and Chikn’s were 20 AVAX in the Marketplace.

That’s when it hit me… Lets fork this game and retheme it… It will give everyone an opportunity to play it from the start that doesn’t have 20 AVAX for a NFT.

Avaxholic: Don’t worry, it’s never too late

Joe | MinerJoe: We started working on it an hour later.

Avaxholic: Yes, Personally, I think Miner joe will be great in the future! And we will move to the next Question

This question is for Long-term investors

2. How can you assure us that investing in MinerJoe would be more profitable in the long run, and what plans do you have to raise the token’s demand and scarcity?

Bob | MinerJoe: That’s a loaded question!

Joe | MinerJoe: MinerJoe operates on the same fundamentals as Chikn, which now is a proven tri-token ecosystem P2E game.

We’ll continue to follow in the footsteps they’ve created, while also diverting on our own path with our own ideas.

Lets be honest.. Gold is inflationary so countermeasures need to be put in place to combat it.

Exchanging it for Credits, Tarpit fees and Bank Withdraw Tax isn’t enough to balance the supply and demand.

That is why we’ve introduced an expansion to our eco-system that burns gold on many different levels.

She is more than a pretty face :)

Bob | MinerJoe: We’re confident that we can bring balance to the gold emissions with enough ecosystem utilities.

Avaxholic: Beautiful Face isnt it 😍

Joe | MinerJoe: And not only utilities, but also liquidity-based incentives which will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Avaxholic: We have seen Miner Joe and are looking at the project from a different perspective. That makes us feel more secure investing in Miner Joe

Everything is perfect

Joe | MinerJoe: We also own 100% of the existing Gold and Credits liquidity on TraderJoe.

It’s been timelocked for 90 days through TrustSwap.

So it will be there for the community that created the funding in the first place.

It will be there for the community after the timelock has expired also.

Avaxholic: Very nice! So let’s continue to the 3rd question

3, What are the usecases of $GOLD and $CREDITS?

Joe | MinerJoe: You can take this one Bob :)

Bob | MinerJoe: This is a tri-token eco-system, with the Miner NFT being the first token.

You miner NFT is staked and creates gold at the rate of 1 per day at level 1. $GOLD can then be staked and/or exchanged for $CREDITS. $CREDITS are used to permanently upgrade your Miner so he produces more $GOLD per day

Joe | MinerJoe: It’s a value loop

Avaxholic: Great support between Tri-token!

I think the answer is great and of course learn about the project yourself

4th question, are you ready?

4. What is the project’s major long-term use case and what problem does it solve?

Joe | MinerJoe: Tough question since we are not the typical DeFi project out to solve real world problems.

I’m going to date my self a bit here…

We’re more like Legend of Zelda.. we solve the problem of boredom, and our long-term goal is to continue to solve that problem. 😂

Avaxholic: I couldn’t be more satisfied with your honest answer! Lol

Bob | MinerJoe: We’re also a Play to Earn game, where you’ll be able to exchange your Gold and Credits for actual AVAX. So for some people it’s more than just fun, it’s an investment.

Joe | MinerJoe: Yah, 100% Bob.

Avaxholic: Yes, I love investing and game, I personally will definitely become an investor of Miner Joe

Joe | MinerJoe: Nice!

Avaxholic: Final question!

Joe | MinerJoe: make it a hard one…

5. Can you tell us more about “Quick Reference Cheat”? What will users benefit from Quick Reference Cheat

Joe | MinerJoe: i said a hard one :)

you mean the Quick Reference Cheat Sheet?


Avaxholic: Haha, this is a hard one for some people!

Joe | MinerJoe: it’s just a breakdown of game mechanics and thresholds required to play the game efficiently. Learn them and reference them often… they will give you an edge in the game!

Bob | MinerJoe: Good tools to use 😉

Joe | MinerJoe: Please remember guys, I am here after the canned questions to answer all the hard questions you might have. We are honest and transparent with everything we do, and are here to prove that to you and earn your business.

Avaxholic: I think some investor can’t reach out about it! This is a good tips

Joe | MinerJoe: Many people from our personal community are here with us today and will vouch for our development, interactions, transparency and attention to detail. We listen to what you have to say and make changes quickly when needed.

Avaxholic: i think after answering all the questions the avaxholic community will have a positive view of Miner Joe!

This is the last question! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask Joe and Bob

Joe | MinerJoe: I hope so too! and i’d like to once again thank AVAXholic for giving us this platform to reach out to you guys and tell you a little bit about our project.

Avaxholic: Okay Joe, In addition to answering questions, Joe and Bob have brought a few gifts to our community. If you have more questions please join Miner Joe’s community

Joe | MinerJoe: We are a direct fork of Chikn, with the exception of a single line of code that allows us to change the mint price. Our contract was audited as the Chikn contract. All liquidity we provide to the project is locked for 90 days with TrustSwap. We’ll continue to lock liquidity as the minting continues.

Guys, Please join our Discord!

It’s much more active compared to our Telegram

Avaxholic: Please drop your discord link here 😍

Joe | MinerJoe:

Avaxholic: I hope Miner Joe will be successful in the future! Very happy to have you guys here today 😍

Bob | MinerJoe: Thanks for having us

Joe | MinerJoe: Our team and community will answer all the questions you have all day long.

And thanks again for having us, this has been great :)

Avaxholic: Miner Joe has a great team, I love the way you guys work! Keep it up.


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