AMARush Recap: Kaira Network

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“Avaxholic — together we BUIDL”. Besides updating news, we’re upgrading more about data analytics — real time data and research about projects to help investors always be confident when investing in Avalanche Ecosystem.

AMARush Recap: Kaira Network

We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. Mesut from Kaira Network. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Kaira Network team?

Mesut | Kaira Network:

Sure, I am the founder of Kaira Network. I am in the crypto ecosystem since 2017 as an investor and entrepreneur. Our team includes people who have development and marketing experience for blockchain projects. After a long journey, we want to build our own project on Avalanche, and Kaira Network’s journey starts with this.

We are building an NFT powered social media platform for role-playing on Avalanche. NFT owners will be able to create role-play based content and earn token rewards for it.

Our aim is to give a use-case to the whole avatar-based NFT collections on Avalanche. In this way, all NFT owners on Avalanche can get benefits from our role2earn model via content creation while socializing.

I’m actually really impressed with the concept of Kaira Network :D

Avaxholic: I’m actually really impressed with the concept of Kaira Network, I think we’re all set to start our AMA today!

Avaxholic: Here’s the 1st question.

1. How did you come to the idea to create “Kaira Network” project? Why did you choose the name “Kaira Network”?

Mesut | Kaira Network: We want to build a use-case for all NFT collections, a social media for exclusive to NFT users. We believe NFT cultures and communities need to grow and get engaged altogether. The idea was born with this vision. We are an NFT investor, collectors, and end-users. So, that’s why we want to build a platform with this perspective.

Kaira is a character in Turkic mythology. The supreme god, creator of the world. Also, Kaira is a name that means “beloved friend” in Latin and Celtic culture. So, we chose this name because of these reasons, it is relative to our social network and metaverse vision. Metaverse needs to be a second life and we want to build a mythical metastory for it.

Avaxholic: That’s cool. It sounds both historic and modern. We’re excited to learn more about Kaira with such vision you mention above.

So let’s get to the 2nd question

2. Kaira Network is the first NFT powered social media platform for role-playing. Why did you choose Avalanche as the first platform for your project? Do you have any plans to connect to a different chain in the near future?

Mesut | Kaira Network: Avalanche is the best option for building a social network because of TPS, low fees and innovative consensus. We choose Avalanche because we believe it’s the future. But we are a platform for all NFTs, so that’s why we have a cross-chain implementation plan for other blockchain networks in our roadmap.

Avaxholic: I see your point. Avaxholic community is here and growing day by day for a reason.

And of course cross-chain is an invertible trend I think. When will you implement that though?

Mesut | Kaira Network: We are planning to do it 2022 Q3

Avaxholic: Next question is something I’m pretty sure everyone is most curious about.

3. Could you let us know more about Kaira Network Role-to-Earn mechanism/features and when the official version is launched?

Mesut | Kaira Network: Sure, Role2Earn is similar with Play2Earn. People need to create text-based role-play contents on our platform to earn Kaira tokens.

When they share their content and get upvoted from other users they’ll earn tokens. Also, when they upvote other content and curate them, they’ll earn tokens again.

Because every upvote will have its own value and users will be able to increase this value by staking tokens and being active in the platform. We’ll launch our beta version at 2022 Q1 for only our early adaptors, like who has one of our NFTs

Avaxholic: It sounds like platform for content creator, esp bloggers to me. Or it’s more than that?

And we’re gonna have 5 winners to be one of the first Kaira residents today :D That sounds exciting!

Mesut | Kaira Network: Well, yes it’s a kind of Reddit for NFT communities but role-play based one. So, it’s include content creators, RPG players and NFT collectors.

Yes, they will be able to be part of our role2earn model with these NFTs :)

Avaxholic: Let’s get to the next question.

4. The problem with most NFT projects is that they don’t have a use case and a sustainable economic system. Why does it make the project stand out from the current game NFT projects like role2earn economy?

Mesut | Kaira Network: Actually, we are providing a solution approach to this problem.

NFTs who don’t have any use-case can have a use-case in our platform. Because NFT users will be able to use their own NFTs on our platform for the role2earn model. We are inviting every avatar-based NFT collection to our platform and making partnerships in this regard.

You can use your AVAX Apes on our platform to create role-play based content and earn tokens.

This is just an example but every NFT collections will have this ability in our platform

Avaxholic: Wow that’s fun!

Even from other blockchains right?

Mesut | Kaira Network: Yeap!

Avaxholic: Cooooool

Last question for today’s AMA

5. How does “Kaira Network” attract such a large number of players? What are the plans in the near future?

Mesut | Kaira Network: After our public launch, users will be able to generate their own NFT avatar by drag & drop. Also, every avatar-based collection will be able to use our platform.

And we have plans for cross-chain to different blockchain networks, this will be another step to extend our userbase.

We want to encourage NFT artists to design new NFT avatar collections for our platform with the help of our NFT launch feature and provide a use-case to them.

Avaxholic: We’re ready to mint some NFT from Kaira sooon.

And that’s the end of part 1. Thank you @mesutgulecen for spending time talking with us today. We’re excited after hearing you sharing about Kaira Network!

Mesut | Kaira Network: Thank you for inviting and I am glad to be part of this AMA



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