AMARush Recap: Islander

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For the fourth AMA, we’re proud to have Islander as our guest.

AMARush Recap: Islander

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We’re honored to welcome our gorgeous guest today: Ms. Le Vi from Islander.

LeVi | Islander: Hello guys. It’s my honor to be here today

Avaxholic: Hello Levi. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Islander team?

LeVi | Islander: Look forward to interesting conversations with Avaxholic members

I’m Nga — CMO of Islander. In Vietnam, most people know us from Spiderum — social media platform for young people to share opinions/knowledge with around 100.000 users and acquire millions of traffic per month through many other channels such as: website, Youtube, Facebook…

Islander is a project that has been cherished and developed by our team for about half a year, after a lot of research, testing and learning from our own journey as a community for 5–6 years

In the upcoming future, the team’s goal is to build Islander into a decentralized affiliate marketing and learn-to-earn platform where crypto projects can create quests to incentivize users to learn, market the product and receive project rewards for these activities.

Maybe some of you have known Islander via our current Testnet

Avaxholic: Yeah, the testnet event of Islander is going wild now in Avaxholic community! Let’s jump into the most exciting part today! Here’s the 1st question.

1. Why did Islander choose Avalanche? Do you guys have the intention to bridge to other blockchains?

LeVi | Islander: The reason that made us choose Avalanche is, besides being a blockchain with great UX and speed and its rapid growth, we are amazed by how the people behind Avalanche created an ecosystem of knowledge and mutual support among blockchain projects built on it. We have really strong connections with the minds behind Avalanche, Avatar (Avalanche eco fund in Asia), Avalaunch… and we really align with their vision and mission

This is not the case with other more well-known chains, where we did not find the same amount of support at the earlier stage despite how well known they are. They seem to be too crowded for a new project to acquire the right mentorship and partnership. I mean they cannot give you much support to be honest

However, the vision of Islander is developing on multichain after Avalanche so we plan to launch our project on many other ecosystems soon


2. Can you explain more about the features of Islander, IslandMarket and IslandLounge? Are there any distinguished features that make Islander stand out from other competitors, if any?

LeVi | Islander: As you might know, Islander is an online learn-to-earn and a decentralized platform

to manage and market your own projects in a unique way. We applied gamification

and art to make the concept more fun.

Basically Islander is a:

- Community building & affiliate marketing platform for crypto projects an enterprises

- Content platform for content creators & influencers (in the near future)

Then afterthat according to our plan, we will launch IslandMarket which is a:

- Marketplace for buying/ selling tickets to access exclusive digital content

- Crowfunding platform connecting individual creators and backers

And next comes the IslandLounge, which is a:

- Space for Digital Events Organization

- Casual Chill & Connect Area

What distinguishes Islander from the other competitors is that we will automate & gamify the marketing process for project owners as well as participants. Currently there’s a big pain point in airdrop campaigns: project managers have to distribute the reward themselves, which is so time-consuming. And retail investors often take a lof of time finding the right project to invest

We will solve that pain point, save time & effort for both parties. In the near future we will release the leaderboard features, which surely will make the marketing campaigns much more engaging.


3. What are Islander’s incentives to attract target customers, which are Crypto Projects, Crypto Enthusiasts, Influencers, Content Creators. Besides project owners, do you have any other benefits for users as supporters of those projects?

LeVi | Islander: I believe Islander will attract a lot of attention from crypto projects as community building is really a pain point in the market right now. As I just explain above, currently projects are wasting time & money running campaigns which do not really help them attract the right users, because everyone is just looking for “bounty”.

One of our missions is to create a solid target market and distribution methods through a learn-to-earn and quest-base model, to make the marketing campaign more interactive, automated & easily measured with database driven tracking system

Besides, when projects join with us on our platform, their communities would grow more effectively with the strong support from our KOLs/Influencers through Affiliate Marketing. They can get attention from a vast of Islander users as well.

For the KOLs, they can save a lot of time because they will no longer have to directly communicate with the project owners about their incentives. They will receive it instantly when they refer other people to join the campaign

For the crypto enthusiasts, they will save a lot of time and effort finding the right projects they would like to support, and even earn rewards by learning/sharing about them.


4. What are your mechanisms and strategies to avoid scammers?

LeVi | Islander: Islander provides a toolkit so that projects can create different tasks, some of which are very difficult to cheat.

For example, a partner project can create a set of 100 questions, allowing to randomly choose 10 out of 100 questions with the answers also reversed and only those who answer correctly will receive the reward.

The project can set the bar for “passing” entries, for example you must have at least 70% correct answers

That’s just one of the ways for Islander to prevent fraud, I just give an example so that everyone can understand

In the future, issues related to KYC will also be developed and promoted to ensure that the situation of virtual/non-existent users is minimized. Besides, we also invite a third party to help us audit the smart contract.

We can ensure there would be no cheating with that.

For the projects which would like to claim an “island” (aka run a campaign on Islander), we will be really carefully on approving a project to appear on our platform. By doing so, we can minimize the risk of having partnership with a scamming project.

Our platform users will have us as their first “filter” before making decision to invest in a project


5. In phase 4, Islander will adopt other platforms in The Islander World. Can you “spoil” a little bit about this? What is it for? How will it be when Islander is integrated with Spiderum?

LeVi | Islander: In long term, we want to develop a solution to plug in communities like Spiderum, to make the “impossible” with content creation

Islander is designed to fit perfectly in the use of intellectual property, such as content, where content creators from many other platforms as Spiderum can create and optimize their “conditions” for others to access their works, with not just crypto currency, but with NFTs ticket or trading with other content creators on the ground of blockchain — technology.

We will allow people to exchange their creative assets and make money from that. People can also invest in different kind of creative assets and help the creators by funding them

That will be a really exhilarating future we can not only imagine but also have a strong determination to make it come true

Avaxholic: I must say that the more you say, the more attractive it is!

We’re really excited to experience Islander products. Islander community is growing so fast now, I see that the design team is struggling to keep up with the wild increase of followers.

And those are the best 5 questions from Avaxholic community. I hope that everyone here today has had insightful understanding about Islander. Thanks Ms. Levi for spending your time with us today. Wish your team nothing but success and joy!


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