AMARush Recap: GAJ Finance

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For this AMA event, we’re proud to have Gaj Finance as our guest today

“Avaxholic — together we BUIDL”. Besides updating news, we’re upgrading more about data analytics — real time data and research about projects to help investors always be confident when investing in the Avalanche Ecosystem.

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AMArush Campaign: The fourth guest — Gaj Finance

Avaxholic: We’re proud to be one of the biggest Avalanche-Ecosystem Community.Our discussion group has around 5000 investors in #Avalanche.We always update the latest news for investors in #Avalanche project’s. We want Avaxholic will be the biggest community for anyone who joins in Avalanche Ecosystem and everyone have a freedom of speech to discuss with everyone.

“Avaxholic — together we BUIDL”. Besides updating news, we’re upgrading more about data analytics — real time data and research about projects to help investors always be confident when we invest in the Avalanche Ecosystem.

Our guest today is Gajesh Naik (CEO) and Kunal Gandhi (Head of Growth) from Gaj Finance. Could you tell us a little bit about you guys and Gaj Finance team?

Kunal Gandhi: Sure. Gajesh is 13 years old whiz kid who is passionate builder. While, I come with 8 years of marketing experience.

Gaj, previously known as PolyGaj, is a multichain platform covering the two most promising subsects of cryptocurrency namely DeFi and NFT. With a vision to be a one-stop solution for users who want to experience both DeFi and NFT and with humble beginnings, Gaj picked up steam due to its unique offerings, especially focused on users who now had a variety of options to earn.

Avaxholic: Nice and that’s admirable when we know your CEO start to build the project while he is still too young

That also makes people want to know more about Gaj Finance tho

Kunal Gandhi: Yes, Gajesh has been a great ambassador for not just Gaj Finance but to the whole ecosystem.

Avaxholic: That’s incredible, so let’s jump right into the first question of our AMA event today

1. I’ve heard lot of about your CEO — Gajesh Naik and known that he’s 13 years old now. I really admire and be curious about how he can establish the project at that young age. Could you share more about your journey you finding Gaj Finance?

Gajesh Naik: My crypto journey started in September 2020, where I attended one workshop on Blockchain. My interest in Crypto grew from there. I started learning Solidity and delving into the deep waters of Web3. Web3 fascinated me. Smart contracts are revolutionary. The more I learned about it, the more made me explore more. Also, barriers to entry were so low that it was pretty easy for me to access everything. Mostly it was fun!

To get more experience and exposure, I did some freelancing before launching Gaj Finance (formerly PolyGaj) in April 2021. Something on NFTs was a natural choice for me.

Avaxholic: That’s impressive. We can see how potential the project is with a lot of valuable features built up by you and your team

2. The uniqueness of your project is the intersection of DeFi & NFT, so would you please describe how “One-stop DeFi & NFT” operates?

Kunal Gandhi: Before getting to that, please check what Gaj Finance offers as of now:

1) Auto Compounding Vaults — Users can compound their rewards automatically

2) NFT marketplace — we are on track to launch V2 of this.

3) NFT Farming — In this unique offering, users can stake tokens — earn GXP (native point system) — Redeem GXPs with NFTs

4) Jungle Pool — Users can Stake GAJ to earn DAI

5) King of Elephants — Native bidding game

Apart from this, we will be launching NFT staking and NFT gallery soon.

So we are trying to get more utilities to holding NFTs. We believe that there is tons of scope to innovate and bring DeFi NFT together.

Avaxholic: Great so I think with this combination, your project will become one of the notable project on Avalanche and will grow faster and faster

3. What are the main core features of your project? How are you different and unique from all other projects out there?

Kunal Gandhi: This may be redundant, but we are at the intersection of NFT and DeFi. What makes us different is our desire to be relentless and bring new products to the space. Also, we want to handhold the next million users to NFTs and DeFi. Our ultimate goal is that! So I would say we have just got started.

Avaxholic: I see. This is a quality answer for the question. I think now we can know a lot more about what makes them become the difference

4. Do you have any collaboration currently and what is your plan in the future?

Kunal Gandhi: We believe that the ecosystem gets benefited hugely when projects collaborate. We recently collaborated with Spore project.

We are always on the lookout for similar partnerships. So hopefully we will announce new partnerships soon.

Avaxholic: Niceee and about the plan, users also want to know more about your vision

Kunal Gandhi: Vision is to be a reliable and innovative project.

Avaxholic: Yep it could be a potential project on Avalanche tho

5. You choose building your project on Avalanche, Polygon, and Ethereum. Can you tell me why you’ve targeted these blockchains in the first place? How effectively can they contribute to Gaj Finance?

Kunal Gandhi: The Avalanche community has given us such a warm welcome.

To begin with, we were Polygon native project.

We believe that the future is multichain. At the same time, we want to bring our unique perspective to the chains we go to.

So more than chains contributing to us, we want to contribute to those chains!

Avaxholic: Yes I bet your project will continue to thrive more and more and we believe every choice you made serving for the fastest development

Hopefully everyone here today gonna have knowledge and more experience using Gaj Finance. Thank you for your time today Gajesh Naik and Kunal Gandhi

Kunal Gandhi: Thank you for having us!


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