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In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For the fourth AMA, we’re proud to have HurricaneSwap as our guest.

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. Luro from Fish Finance

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Hello everyone!!!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Luro and currently responsible as the CMO of Fish Finance.

Thanks @annaavax so much for inviting me tonight. It’s honor for me to be here sharing to the community!

Avaxholic: Thank you! To start off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Fish Finance?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: I love to share about my experience. I started to join in this cryptocurrency market since 2018 and have gained 3 years of experience in external relationship and marketing in this cryptocurrency field.

Fish Finance is a decentralized ecosystem that provides blockchain services including GameFi Stablecoin, GameFi Venture, GameFi Launchpad, and Blockchain Auditing. FIFI is used as a native token for in-game currency, trading NFT, and auditing.

Avaxholic: Nice introduction! I think everyone here is ready to learn more about Fish Finance.

let’s get to the first question

1. Why did you choose to build on 3 blockchains? Do players need to stake any of the 3 blockchains’ token to play?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: The first reason is that Lucky Network gives a helping hand to save much fee cost for the players.

We also support Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Avalanche (AVAX) to make the game more popular and easier for the users to approach since there has already been a bridge from BSC to LN.

Moreover, the team is working very hard to build a bridge from AVAX to LN.

The main gameplay will be run on Lucky Network since it focuses on mainly gamefi projects and costs a very low cheap fee comparing to other blockchains

The Lucky Network team actually

Moreover, BSC and AVAX will be available for the players to trade the fish as NFT trading on the marketplace (including Lucky Network as well)

Staking is not required, the players simply need to have L99, BNB, and/or AVAX token for paying fees.

Avaxholic: To be honest, Lucky Network is kinda new to me. It’d be nice if you can briefly introduce about this network :D

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Lucky Network is a brand new blockchain actually and it uses the same EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with BSC, AVAX. Therefore, the wallet address will also begin with 0x…

Relating to the fee, Lucky Network costs the users similar to Polygon blockchain at early stage where the fee was only $0.00…

Lucky Network focuses on mainly gamefi projects bearing a resemblance to FLOW — concentrating on NFT in general!

Avaxholic: Wow this is impressive

.Let’s dive deeper into Fish Finance project.

2. Can you share some features of the game that make it be the spotlight gameplay?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: As I have just mentioned in the first question that Lucky Network gives a helping hand to save much fee cost for the players

You guys remember that it will cost us from $0.3 to even $1 per transaction in BSC and AVAX blockchain. Imagine 10 transactions will cost around $3 which is huge for some players to be honest

Another important thing besides play-to-earn feature is that players are capable of staking FIFI token or even staking an NFT (as a fish) in the game.

Finally, the players can buy a ticket to participate in predict-to-earn for predicting which fish would be the winner in the race.

You can receive 50% of the total revenue from selling ticket for your correct prediction!

Avaxholic: For me, I think this is a notable feature of Fish Finance. Can’t wait to play the game.

3. What are the use cases of your token, and what is the motivation for the players to buy and hold in the longterm?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: First of all, relating to the in-game functions, buying the fishing rod to catch a fish as well as trading fish in the marketplace is the first use case for FIFI token.

Secondly, players can stake FIFI token to receive periodic income as I have aforementioned too.

Moreover, FIFI token is also required to buy items in the shop.

For the fourth use case, the players shall have FIFI token for buying a ticket to predict the winner fish (the predict-to-earn feature of Racing Fish)

For the fourth use case, the players shall have FIFI token for buying a ticket to predict the winner fish (the predict-to-earn feature of Racing Fish)

In the longterm motivation, Fish Finance plans to have a launchpad which require the players to stake FIFI for participation.

Finally, we also run “buybacks and burn” program for the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Avaxholic: It’s clear that owning $FIFI token is very beneficial for users. So let’s learn more about the NFTs now.

4. Why do the players need to buy Fishing Rod NFTs when there are Fish NFTs? What are the benefits of holding them?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Fishing rod is regarly used to catch a fish.

There are 2 options for players to own a fish: purchase a fishing rod in the game shop to catch a random fish (if fortunate, you can get a rare fish)

or purchase a fish from other players in the marketplace.

Furthermore, players are able to not only stake the fish (as an NFT) for the sake of receiving periodic income but also farm the fish to get the food for fish feeding or trading in the marketplace.

Avaxholic: So besides the marketplace, users can also gain the food by farming right?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Certainly! Or buying the food from the gameshop

Avaxholic: For the last question

5. Fish Finance is introduced as an ecosystem. What’s your vision and plan in developing the ecosystem in 2022?

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Our vision and plan in developing for the ecosystem in the future is to fulfill our ecosystem in our first introduction including: GameFi Stablecoin, GamiFi Venture, GameFi Launchpad and Blockchain Auditing.

In the beginning of 2022, we plan to hold the NFT Sales along with the IDO launchpad event!

Please don’t hesitate to spend your precious time joining in our social media channels for more upcoming information:



Avaxholic: We’re looking forward to hearing more announcements from Fish Finance!

And that’s the end of our first part

Thank Mr.Luro @Lurohipolito for spending time with us today.

I believe that everyone has got to know more about Fish Finance

Mr.Luro | Fish Finance: Thank @annaavax so much for inviting me!

Avaxholic: Thank you.


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