AMARush Recap: CryptoSteam

In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For the next AMA, we’re proud to have @Aryayann from Crypto Steam

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AMARush Recap: CryptoSteam

Arya | CryptoSteam: Very happy to be in the community

Avaxholic: Hi Arya. Welcome to our community! Before we start, please tell us about CryptoSteam and DeDragon!

Arya | CryptoSteam: CryptoSteam is a decentralized, blockchain, game-publishing platform founded by Aaron Pulkka, former vice president of Activision Blizzard.

Traditional game publishing platforms such as the Steam and Epic stores, currently do not allow blockchain games. These centralized platforms operate on a business model that is very old-fashioned. These “walled gardens” also require game developers to make separate deals with these platforms and sometimes require exclusivity rights in order to give market share advantages to that publishing platform — none of which really benefits the average game player who just wants to play the game.

This traditional game publishing platform can not service the needs and players of of blockchain games — that’s we created CryptoSteam!

CryptoSteam uses governance tokens and NFT to created a shared foundational economic model for all of it’s games. Through the DAO organization, independent game developers and players become the managers of cryptosteam. The entire platform is decentralized, while providing bookkeeping infrastructure for all revenues. The platform’s gameFi2.0 economic model is stable. The goal of CryptoSteam is to become the foundational infrastructure provider of the meta-universe, as well as a bridge to connect the various meta-universes.

DeDragon is the first gamefi 2.0 game to be released by CryptoSteam

Avaxholic: Impressive introduction :D We’re all set to learn more of how CryptoSteam’s different!! Let’s get to the first question!

1. CryptoSteam sounds a bit similar to Gala, which has been on fire recently. What is the difference?

Arya | CryptoSteam: Yes, we and gala are positioned as chain game publishing platforms, however, the economic and business models are quite different.

Gala’s economic model is to sell nodes and invite friends — Very simple. From our point of view, their deflation mechanism has weaknesses which will make Gala’s economic model unsustainable in the future.

Crypto Steam’s economic model solves this and much more! We are the right combination of “play to earn” + Defi2.0. We draw on the economic model of Olympus. All of the income of the platform, including the sale of game NFT assets, transaction market fees, and in-game, consumed tokens, go to the DAO treasury. The treasury is controlled by agreement. When the governance token is lower than the set price, the treasury will begin repurchasing. Through the bond mechanism, the liquidity of the governance token will be repurchased from the market to maintain the stability of the token price.

At the same time, in deDragon’s “play to earn” mechanisms, players develop, fight, and upgrade their NFTs to increase computing power, and then pledge to obtain governance tokens to empower the game’s NFT and increase value. Each game also has its own separate in-game token.

This is the concept of gamefi2.0, “play to earn” + Defi2.0

Avaxholic: Cool. Can you explain more about the relations with Ohm model? And what’s better than the original OHM model?

Arya | CryptoSteam: Cryptosteam stake governance tokens require at least one NFT to be staked together.

The hash power of NFT in the game can accelerate the effect of staking governance tokens. OHM model and play-to-earn are mutually empower each other

The revenue from games in cryptosteam, such as NFT sales, transaction fees, etc. will be charged to national treasury to support the currency price. And OHM has no additional income to be into the treasury.

Moreover, CryptoSteam is a game publishing platform. As long as the games are released continuously, the revenue of the game will put into the national treasury, and the revenue of the Treasury will rise all the time.

Avaxholic: Thank you for a very detailed answer!

For 2nd question:

2. Defi 2.0 + GameFi, it sounds a bit complicated, can you explain it to us?

Arya | CryptoSteam: Simply put, all revenue of the platform enters the treasury pool controlled by the contract agreement

And we begin repurchasing when the currency price is less than 1 U.S. dollar.

Through the bond model, the liquidity that is in the possession of the users is repurchased to maintain transaction depth, and the repurchased LP also enters the national treasury.

Due to the additional issuance mechanism of defi2.0, those who pledge governance tokens will get additional issuance income, so APY can reach more than 1000%, supported by funds from the national treasury, so that even if the currency price drops by 90%, it is still profitable.

It is the (3, 3) theory in game theory. And every game on the platform will contribute to the treasury.

We know that the combination of GameFi+DeFi2.0 has greater ability to maximize the upside potential than a single DeFi2.0 model.

Avaxholic: Interesting mechanism. So let’s dive into the 1st game in CryptoSteam — DeDragon to see how this works

3. What are the empowerments of the circulating tokens in DeDragon? Will the economic model be single token or multiple tokens?

Arya | CryptoSteam: Our system is a dual token model — governance token CST and circulation tokens.

CST is the governance token of the entire Cryptosteam platform, which will run through every game on the platform. .

Things like, DeDragon card breeding will also consume platform Tokens

Circulation tokens are in-game currency and used for in-game transactions.

The acts of buying land and farms in Dedragon, opening treasure chests, upgrading, and breeding will all consume circulating tokens.

Staking NFTs in the game will also produce circulation tokens.

This is “Play to earn”, and you will find that governance tokens and circulation tokens have a positive relationship, that is to say, when governance tokens rise, the consumption demand of circulation tokens will also increase. Therefore, players are welcome to “play to earn” in our game.

Playing games and getting circulating tokens can be converted into income!

Avaxholic: Nice to hear this! I believe everyone here has gained deeper understanding about both the game and the ecosystem

Next one is an interesting question

4. Will the money from the preliminary financing go to the national treasury? How to balance the interests of investors and retail investors?

Arya | CryptoSteam: No, the money from the initial financing is used for product research and development.

Starting from the sale of NFT, those proceeds will go to the DAO treasury.

StakingCST+ NFT computing power weight combination staking to obtain additional CST

Since the price of tokens purchased by investors is cheap, which is unfair to retail investors, the algorithm for staking tokens will provide discounts investors.

For example, if an investor buys 0.1 US dollars and the ido is 1 US dollars, then the investor’s pledged token amount must be divided by 10. (Because of the contract agreement).

Avaxholic: i see

so for the last question, we’d love to know more about your roadmap

5. What are the later plans for Cryptosteam and Dedragon?

Arya | CryptoSteam: At present, Dedragon will sell NFT cards on BSC platform on January 10

January 2022-Complete the development of CryptoSteam Dedragon and go live on Avalanche.

February — March 2022 Ethereum Sidechain Snow and Wallet Development.

April 2022-CryptoSteam goes live on Ethereum Sidechain Snow.

May — July 2022 Second game Kings Puzzles development Completed.

August — October 2022 Complete the development of Interest-bearing Asset Stabilization Coin System.

November — December 2022 Kings Puzzles goes live on Avalanche and Sidechain Snow

Avaxholic: Save the date!

We’re looking forward to try games on CryptoSteam soon

This is also the end of our first part

Arya | CryptoSteam: Thank you

Avaxholic: Thank you for spending your precious time with us today @Aryayann


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