AMARush Recap: AVATA


In order to connect Avaxholics with Avalanche-based projects, Avaxholic honorably represents AMA Rush Campaign. This is a big chance for Avaxholics to directly interact with and understand deeper about Avalanche projects, whether top tier projects or newcomers. For this AMA, we’re proud to have AVATA as our guest.

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We’re honored to welcome our guest today: Mr. @zbgavata from AVATA.

AMARush Recap: AVATA

ZBG | AVATA: Hello guys!

Thanks for the introduction.

I am ZBG from AVATA Network — a launchpad and defi platform on Avalanche. Together with me in the project is a group of highly talented developers, marketers, an analyst & CMs.

I am glad to be here today and feel free to address any concerns you may have.


Avaxholic: Thank you Mr. @zbgavata. So that everyone don’t have to wait, let’s start the AMA

Firstly, Can you overview about AVATA project a little bit?

ZBG | AVATA: 1. AVATA Network is a comprehensive ecosystem that consists of 3 core platforms:


We launch projects, provide AMM dex services as well as lending protocol.

Our vision is to empower all the projects and communities of Avalanche ecosystem based on a mutually beneficial offerings, that is unique to each project. And if you happen to be a team or community lead of any of these projects, feel free to contact us and explore all the available options for us to work together — and strengthening the Avalanche ecosystem!

Avaxholic: Very detailed, I am an IDO bounty so I very excited about AVATALAUNCH.

I think everyone will love this.

And now let’s move to Q&A part, okay?

1. AVATA.Network was born with the idea of empowering the Avalanche community. Why Avalanche?

ZBG | AVATA: Good question…

Now, if we look back, since 2017 — there are many of these so called “ETH killers” had surfaced. And yet, none of those really grab network participants (in terms of projects build on them)..


Avaxholic: Agree, Avalanche is doing good and a perfect place to launch new project.

ZBG | AVATA: 2020 onwards..few more chains entered the market..while no longer shouting the good old “eth killer” thingy..

these new chains truly brought a difference that managed to gain attention not only from the crypto community in general, but also from the developers community

out of those…AVALANCHE has managed to tackle most of the known limitations of blockchain without compromising decentralization through their “network of networks” approach.

in a short period of time, they managed to gain huge attention, yet — we believe that this is just a beginning for a bigger things to come.

therefore, we decided to be part of it!

Avaxholic: Convincing answer! Thank you

I think everyone is clear about this Q. Now, we will move to the 2nd Q.

2. I read from your medium that AVATA puts the community ahead of technology. However, the community has its concerns regarding the technology of each crypto project, so how can AVATA guarantee the optimal technology for users?

ZBG | AVATA: good question… is no secret that there is some kind of a technological race in crypto industry. It is nothing new for any industry that is still at its infancy..

however, the problem with focusing too much on technology is we “tend to focus on ourselves” while neglecting the most imperative aspects in any decentralized project which is — the community.

Talking about technology, in open-source environment, nearly all would be similar since one project would definitely made use of whatever options that is the best and already proven in the market.

Yet, how a community is treated is ENTIRELY UNIQUE to each project. This is something that not all projects aware about. Moreover, focusing on community, in fact, pretty much leads to technological aspects — if we listen to their needs — it would effects the future development, nonetheless. Because, invention doesn’t simply happen from one’s head.

Avaxholic: I believe that the AVATA community is very reassured to have a great team like AVATA.

ZBG | AVATA: Thanks..

We will try all we can. We ourselves were once a community member — and WE STILL ARE.

Avaxholic: I hope AVATA will use everything you guys have to make a best quality community

Now get ready to 3rd question

3.What are the pros and cons of NO WHITE LIST since only users who stake AVAT in SuperPool then earn iAVAT can claim IDO allocation?

Pro: — it gives a purpose to hold AVAT
Pro: — it gives the supporters of the network what they deserves, which is guaranteed IDO allocation and yield rewards
Pro: — it helps minimize the selling pressure
Con: — you need to have AVAT.


On every upcoming IDO we gonna launch..there will be a Whitelist spots through ACO — AVATAN CHANCE OFFERING — where it opens to everyone, holders and non holders of AVAT token.

This has a specific purpose of building organic community and market awareness towards the project that we gonna launch. NONETHELESS, it would not effect AVAT market position since the allocation for ACO is tiny..

Avaxholic: Great, I hope IDO projects and AVATA will accompany the avaxholic community in the future.

ZBG | AVATA: we will work more closely in the future! that is for sure

Avaxholic: I was surprised by the details of AVATA. And want to dig-in in 4th question

4 . Do you have any criteria to opt for which project to launch on AVATALAUNCH? If yes, which criteria will be prioritized?

ZBG | AVATA: Of course!

1. Their solution has to be future-proof.
Meaning, what they have could stand the market dynamic for years to come. We dont want something that simply follows the trend, coz — trend dies and its no secret.

2. Capable Team (especially their leader)

3. Strong tokenomic and reliable strategy to manage their distribution

the rest will only be known by those who applies. 😁 If we say too much — then all the projects that apply would fit the criteria later on 😆

Avaxholic: Then we will have confidence in the projects audited by AVATA.

ZBG | AVATA: Thanks ❤️

Avaxholic: If you’ve already kept it a secret, let’s move on to the next question. I believe that I don’t have to worry about take part in AVATALAUNCH

5. How about AVATA Network in the long term? Any incorporated DeFi solutions will be added to offer highly-vetted opportunities for investors & partners via AVATALAUNCH?

ZBG | AVATA: We dont compromise with security, both — technological wise and business wise.

Avaxholic: Very nice answer!

ZBG | AVATA: We do have a long-term plan, that is the very reason of the “innovation fund” allocation.

However, the main thing now is to build and launch all of the 3 platforms — while at the same time keep building our community.

This is our priority. And as time goes by, more will be added in terms of product offerings and mutually-beneficial partnerships to our community.

We prefer to do things one-foot-at-a-time.

Do one thing — nail it — only then move to the next. That way, we can ensure that our community is offered with products that are worth.

Avaxholic: I really like the way AVATA works. I believe AVATA will achieve much success in this market. Step-by-step, very cool !

ZBG | AVATA: indeed. focus is the key.

and we do NEED THE SUPPORT FROM COMMUNITY — every bit of it.

Avaxholic: We always ready when you guys need. Thank you AVATA for being in Avaxholic today.

Everything is clear, I believe that every member in this group will follow AVATA footstep in the future

ZBG | AVATA: Thanks to AVAXHOLIC and its community actually..

i owe u guys!


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